Even though modern Electrology began in 1875, until recently not everybody knew that it was a reliable and safe method to remove unwanted hair. This could be one of the reasons Klementina, who lived in 1930s-40s in France, let her excess hair on her chin grow giving her a male resembling beard. Or she might have just got tired of bumps, which occurred after shaving or tweezing…
Nobody knows what made that strong and beautiful woman challenge the bodies, and especially faces. Klementina's behavior caught attention of the Frenchmen. Many came from far away places to dine in a small restaurant, where Klementina worked, in order to look at this wondrous beauty. Some found her pretty face framed by male-resembling beard even more attractive; others simply laughed at her.

However, she became a very popular woman in France and when she died (at the same time as Hitler), the entire country mourned her, while the rest of Europe marked Hitler's death.

Through the efforts of Dr. Charles E. Michell, an ophthalmologist, who accidentally discovered Electrolysis in 1875 while removing ingrown eyelash for one of his patients, and his followers who developed Dr. Michell's method and invented new techniques, Electrolysis became the only medically recognized method of permanent hair removal. Standardized training and improved equipment makes Electrolysis more popular and more accessible to people around the world. Silky skin, smooth upper lip, and gracious shape of eyebrows-sometimes these are the only things that we lack to feel confident at work, home, at a party, or in a swimming pool. Electrolysis can help emphasize your natural beauty, avoid emotional stress caused by unwanted hair, and what is more important-help you gain confidence in your appearance. Who knows, maybe that's what Klementina was missing when she decided to reserve to desperate measures.

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